Friday, October 14, 2011

Zipper Workshop at Ruths Table

 On October 9, 2011, Monica Lee, the Artist In Residence at Ruth's Table, asked me to help her
with a zipper flower workshop.  Here are some of the flowers.  Aren't they great?  Everyone did a wonderful job.
I did a workshop at SCRAP San Francisco and invented an apparatus and a tool to make it easier to make.  We used it here.
This is one of Monica's from years ago that she made with a
sleeping bag zipper.  She still has the other half.

Megumi Inouye made this one.  She said she had a great
time learning how to make them and will make them for
friends as gifts.

This is one that incorporates felted sweater pieces and a zipper.
Incorporated the zipper pull in the design.

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