Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A New Stole for Pastor Sadie Stone

I was commissioned to make a stole for the new Pastor of Bethany United Methodist Church, Sadie Stone. This is the first one I have ever made. I had to get the base pattern from one that had been worn before. I was given fabrics that I then used to design the stole.
The base fabric was linen, the lining was silk, the various overlays were of cotton. I finished the stole with beads from my collection and the support of silk braid.

Here we are on the Sunday morning when her stole was presented to her.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Paper necklaces

I gave a small private workshop on how to make paper necklaces. Two of the participants had seen the one I was wearing and wanted to learn to make them, so five of us got together and made them.  It was even more wonderful because my friend, Monica Lee, made us lunch...yummy noodles + wonton and BBQ pork and great cookies from Pamela Gerard (her photos follow).

Finished pieces...all wonderful!
Beginning class with all materials..
working the machine...
Heather's great piece..
Monica's necklace.