Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Decorated Envelopes for John Neal

As part of the Calligraphy community, John Neal Books had a decorated envelope contest. I sent in one and it appeared on the front cover and inside of Bound and Lettered. I had so much fun doing the one for Trivial Pursuits that I did the style for this one.

Front of journal

My envelope on the inside of the journal.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Award for Asian Health Services

I was commissioned to make awards for Asian Health Services. 3D with inspiration from Yoshinobu Miyamoto. I figured this out by seeing his online work. I wish I knew his formula...I studied it but had to calculate and engineer this myself.  I had to find something and somehow to make the plates look raise and floating too.
Cutting 3D shapes
Making background with metallics
putting two together

making supports, jewlery pins and water bottle caps
Close up of my bending suppo

four done, two with errors...

error close up.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sierra Gorda Mexico and Eco Printing

Request to show the Groupo Sierra Gorda about eco- printing was a challenge. I had to figure out a way to get needed materials and supplies on the plane or have the Mexican's there find everything.
I decided to get light weight tubing that could withstand the heat. I bought aluminium tubing and had it cut to 12" lengths..sturdy and light. I took Arches Text wove paper; enough for two per person..a light tough paper. I mordant them before I traveled.While in Mexico City, I went to an art store and bought more paper. I put all chemicals in smaller containers; Aluminium Acetate, Ferrous Sulfate, copper sulphate,  logwood and annato. I requested onion skins and rust water to be ready when I got there. I also requested pots that would accommodate the 12" tubing. Since I was restricted by weight, I requested fabric be scoured and ready to print. Although everything was not ready or there when I arrived to give the workshop, we made do. I had 12 students that seemed to be delighted in what they produced.

Emma and her two pieces.

silk scarves

hanging to dry

Our workspace Talapa

stove set up with gas and pots and pans...

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aluminum tubes + one galvanized pipe ready to get simmered.

Nature Makes an Impression workshop in Southern California

The work of Sylvia Kowal

Carolyn Bremer's logwood blanket pieces
Carrie Imai's piece on Kraft Tex

Joan Hawks and her lovely silk scarf

Anne Bystrom's  piece

Janet Martorello's wrinkled iron blanket piece

Marian Oshiro's iron blanket piece.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Letters California Style 8X8

Letters California Style, an annual conference sponsored by Society for Calligraphy in the Los Angeles area, asked for 8"X8" pieces of art, no frames, flat with a floral and fauna theme. These would be auctioned for funds towards the conference. I submitted two. The first Nature Makes an Impression was taken in an angle, so is distorted.
This is a copy of an original botanical print I made and scribed with walnut ink. Do you notice the sticker? It is the auction #.

Thiw was a piece using bleach on colored card stock...mix media. It was #29.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cut It Out

Society for Calligraphy, Orange County, invited me to teach this class that I had come up with a few years ago. I was inspired by many artists, David Winkler, Takako Stevens, Scott Macarney and others. The class was full with 19 students, one extra student by error but we made do. Two full days with no time to spare. I was treated so well by Barbara Close, who was my hostess.
Here is a report made by Sylvia Kowal, a guild member. She made the report for their journal. The Cut it Out logo was designed by me for their flyer and my handouts.

Paper Gems

I was invited to teach my Paper jewelry for Pacific Scribes. I had a great day with 15 wonderful students. They did such great work. Here are a few photos;

This is a photo of all the samples I was to teach..
Here I am with the gluing machine for the bead piece.
Sara and her creation using a special punch lent to me by my friend Patricia.

Students work ; They are all so good!

Sample of the 3 D beads
the jewel samples.

a four part bead student sample

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trivial Pursuits 30

The annual Trivial Pursuits with Friends of Calligraphy is 30 years old. It is a wonderful time of learning 6 arts and crafts in a single day. It began 30 years ago with the idea from Anne Yamasaki. It has been going strong each year with a full house of 40 eager participants, 6 teachers and helpers.
In order to attend, each person must send in a decorated envelope, their application. There is a contest with first, second and third prizes. I won first this year!  Here is my envelope that was sent to our coordinator;