Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Too Much To Do

This is the mess on my work table.  To much stuff to think straight.  To much to do and so little time to do it.  I am working on stuffs for SCRAP-sf Sunday Craft Fair, Day of the Dead celebration, birthday party and Halloween. This is only half of the mess.  The other half is on my sewing machine.
Finished the mailing for some of the members of the Correspondence Co-op, that was lead by Jennie Hinchcliff, that I belong.  Half Day of the Dead and half Halloween.  I did not have a large B so I put two Ds together.  The mailing is the mask that can be decorated, cut and with an added elastic, worn for either day.  I love the little stamp that says,'mail some art today and feel better'. Now to finish more stuff!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baptism dress for the youngest Granddaughter

After spending time looking for a dress from bridal salons to Communion and quinceano stores in the Mission district, I finally ended up making this dress for Gia.  Her Great Grandmother, Yaya, in Ohio is arranging for her baptism.  Everything had to be white and new..undershirt, socks, shoes, bonnet and dress. 
Fitting muslin and first cuts

...sewing the extra bows to the bodice...

...almost finished, and now to make the bonnet and add more bows to the sleeves....

Finished, bonnet and all those bows..what little girls are made of...it's ready to go.

Polymer Clay Books

What a great time I had with Dayle Doroshow at her polymer clay workshop making surfaces for books.  She is so inspiring and fun.  Here are the few I made:
Fronts of books. I must have been in a water, asian mood.....do you see the frog, Asian eyes and gold fish with Japanese symbols?

Pages, accordian style variations.

This is a pin I finished after learning how to blend black with metallic silver...very simple but effective.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Visigothic Versals

I had a wonderful time at a Friends of Calligraphy workshop with Risa Gettler. She taught her version of Visigothic Versals.
She has been studying this form for many years, traveling through out the ancient Visigothic areas in Europe.
I learned so much from her. She is very engaging and fun.  Here are my attempts. I will be finishing the piece by redoing everything and learning more while I am doing it.
One drop can ruin the whole day, as Risa said.  This happened on my second attempt to do my piece.
My table of stuff to do my piece. 

My unfinished versal from Dr. Seuss.The zoomorphic is the 'F' that will be painted and gilded.

This is the first color draft, must do again to resolve the attribution to Dr. Seuss.