Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Gloria Soliz needed something for the altar at Bethany Church for Pentecost.  She liked the luminaries we made for Art At The Table, a fund raiser for Ruth's Table.  She thought they would make beautiful ones with colored paper to look like flames.  We bought marbelized paper from Flax Art Supply and began.  Since she wanted them larger, I made new templates and supports.  We also needed a tutorial for future Ruth's Table workshops and so we met at Ruth's Table and took photos and videos of the process. Tomoko Lipp and Gloria both recorded and helped make these.  I will also make a written tutorial. This is a photo of the finished products.  This is all because we had a wonderful inspiration from Aiko Cuneo and her forms for Art At The Table centerpieces.

We did variations of the three red and the two gold luminares.

Today we began by gluing two pieces of the papers to make a long sheet..I showed how to make sure the clean cut edge remains straight and the glued edges overlap nicely.

Next we determined the size of the accordian folds with what limitation the paper gave us.

Then we made the star base support.  Giving each a geometric way to do this easily.

Then the papers were accordian folded as I had learned to do it in book making.  This gives an even and straight fold.

The base of the folds were cut and a center angle fold was determined and I explained about the angle ..steeper, the straighter the folded paper stood, less steep, the fuller it can be.This angle will also determine the bottom cut of the folds that fit on the star support.

We agreed to make three stars supports, one to fit into the other. 

We finished with these 5 and Gloria was very happy.