Sunday, October 21, 2012

High Tea in the Mission

All dressed up with hats and Fascinators, ladies attended a wonderful Tea at Ruth's Table.  Aiko Cuneo brought her collection of tea cups and saucers.  Lola and Megan brought in the tea pots and tiered stands.  They brought in the goodies.  We were serenaded by a wonderful harpist while we enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, cookies and candy and, of course, tea.  Aiko also brought in slides of various hats from around the world.  A raffle was had and Nicole won the gift basket and I won the best prize,  a Fascinator made by Aiko.

The tables set for High Tea...cucumber sandwiches and crumpets were passed around.

The hat I won at the was meant to be, see how it matched my outfit??

Monica and her film fascinator.

 Latin countries have a version of high tea called merienda.  It is a time to pause and have an afternoon snack, coffee or tea and  meet with friends...a very civilized tradition.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You know when you're on youtube.....


Check it out to see what the Fashion Incubators of San Francisco did during their photo shoot with John Casado and gang.

 page 4....about the FISF on Maiden Lane and I got a mention!  Here are photos I took of the models displaying the designs.