Monday, February 15, 2021

Zoom class - some results - there are a lot more;

Wendy Thulbergs workshop

Connie Furgason's from Trivial Pursuits

Stitch club exercise

Cherryl Mootes workshop

Empty Spaces Marina Soria- my exercise using letters from the movie Black Panther

First cut from Empty spaces

words to be used for Empty spaces

An Vanhendrijk class of kalandria lettering

Another class from An, creating your own letterforms.


Penwag presentation and button necklace workshop

So kind of Penwag, Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild, to invite me to give a presentation on my journey to become an artist. Michelle Paganini is the program chair and asked that I teach my button necklace class. I was fortunate to have good techical help from Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembly and George Paganini. This was a Zoom event. Here are some photos of necklaces participants have sent me. They did a wonderful job.


Michelle Paganini
Michelle Paganini
Sue Cyr