Friday, March 8, 2019

Old work in photos and memories

A post on Facebook showed up today and my head began to remember my days in Uruguay. So I thought to post some work I did there with my one and only. We traveled there in 2000 to check it out, as our friends from various Embassies in Lisbon, told us to go. I wanted to first stay in Buenos Aires, as I liked the big city feel of it. But we fell in love with Montevideo and its people.
Here are some images of what was done during our time there.

building before renovation, one of four buildings we worked on
building after renovation, I studied old photos and old plans to do a faux front..each front surface has only a 2-3 cm. difference to the surface next to it. I worked on the outside and hubby worked on the inside.

Before old corner building in the old part of town
After we renovated, through lots of city paperwork.  We had to add steel beams to the first floor ceiling.