Monday, February 20, 2012


Everyone hard at work making the starbook.  I gave a workshop on how to make three versions of the starbook at SCRAP-sf

Martha added personality and fun to the workshop!
Edan, the youngest attendee was great at following instructions and did really great!

Tami's finished starbook.
Tami was really quick and did a fantastic job and helped clean up too.

Linda and her first star book.

Teresa stitched her first star book

Kate did a great job with the stitched spine

Kyree was a quick learner and did a wonderful job.

Cathy picked out some beautiful paper for her starbook

Cathy had to catch up and did a great job...see her starbook?

Vanessa and her daughter Edan were fun!
                              I am missing a photo of Erica...sorry.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Jeanne Allen and Marc Grant accepting the proclamation by the city of Berkeley, California, for Jeanne Marc Day on February 14, 2012.

Gifts in celebration...Jeanne and Marc had their friends over at their Frank Lloyd Wright bungalow to celebrate.

I knew them when.....before they were so famous.  They are the most talented and wonderful people.  I took Jeanne on her first buying trip to Los Angeles and New York for fabric and taught her sewers to make their signature clothes.  Jeanne is now heading the fashion incubator for Macy's as a mentor.
Marc's T shirt....he displayed to the mayor, so funny...Fashion Sucks!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Megumi Inouye, the hostess of Japanese American Journal, KTSF, invited us to talk about Ruth's Table. Aiko Cuneo (daughter of Ruth Asawa, artist and educator), me, Lola Fraknoi (director of Ruth's Table), Megumi (hostess) and Monica Lee (Artist in Residence for Ruth's Table).

Monica in front of our display of stuffs taught at Ruth's Table.  Monica is the AIR.
I am here through the invitation of Lola and Monica as the #1 volunteer.  I have assisted Monica on most workshops.


Card samples for the workshops at Sunnyside Conservatory and SCRAP.

Sunnyside Conservatory on Saturday with Monica Lee and Me.

SCRAP-SF on Sunday for a fund raiser.. food, music and crafts!

During the events, I only had time to make 3 cards....

My daughter and granddaughter attended both events and had fun making cards!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend taking a workshop with Rebecca Wild.  Through the Friends of Calligraphy, Rebecca came to teach techniques she knows with inspiration from the art of Paul Klee.  Our workshop began with mirror images of our own signatures.  From our marks, we made each of our pieces using portions of eight parts we chose with a cut paper window.

My group of 7X7 pieces I was able to do in the two days.

My first piece with sumi ink and soft pastels

....washes, tape resists, stylus, pastels, stencils
...using washes, tape resists, stylus, soft pastels
...tinted wax, black paint, washes, soft pastels, texturing tools...

using black wax stick to cover paper to be used as a carbon to make the black marks and using previous techniques.
The last pieces we made were a portfolio to hold our work and an information sheet that Rebecca had printed for all of us.  We made an additional smaller piece to decorate the front...mine made with a round nib and sumi ink, washes and soft pastels.

Friday, February 3, 2012


 A few years ago I decided to add bookshelves to either side of my fireplace with a place for the TV and entertainment center on one side and a file cabinet and desk on the other.  Since my small table saw could not cut the long strips of wood, I gave the measurements to my brother Mike, who has a large table saw, and he cut them for me.  The rest I put together myself.   I designed it to fit into my Victorian house with the crown molding at the top, but I made it very clean and straightforward.  I also redid the fireplace mantel and put in a large mirror where a small oval one once was...  I used my small table saw, a jigsaw, hammer, nails, drill and screws with white board, aluminum L's and U's, metal supports, crown molding from Home Depot, cabinet handles from  Ikea, pull out hinges and hardware from the Rockler shop.  Swiss Coffee eggshell paint and it was done.... This is an old photo.  Now the bookshelves are brimming with too many books! I need to make more bookshelves!

Right side in work...

Cabinet with top pull out shelf with front drop down leaves, below left for the printer and file pull out on the right.

Left side in work...

Cabinet with spaces for the DVD and Cable controls on top and shelves below for 'stuff'.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


All ready to go.....rice paper, brushes, ink and water. Today at Ruth's Table, we had the opportunity to learn Chinese Brush painting.  It is in conjunction with an exhibit at Bethany House and Ruth's Table of art from the Joseph's Fine Art School.  Joseph Yan and his wife Janny Huang taught today with Earl Speas, their long time student.

Earl Speas introducing Janny and Joseph and explaining how he started to learn the art of Chinese Brush painting.
Holding the brush...
...thick and thin lines, fast and slow...loading the brush...
Joseph Yan, Lola Franknoi of Ruth's Table and Janny Huang
First stroke....face
Second stroke....head
Then the body..needs more weight....
anther body..too skinny
Add legs and arms, fingers and toes..needs better toes
Don't forget the face and ears..last the tail.
My group of monkeys....
Lola's Monkey
Margies Monkey
Teachers examples
teachers peach blossoms...1-2-3


Joseph showing his sample..