Friday, February 3, 2012


 A few years ago I decided to add bookshelves to either side of my fireplace with a place for the TV and entertainment center on one side and a file cabinet and desk on the other.  Since my small table saw could not cut the long strips of wood, I gave the measurements to my brother Mike, who has a large table saw, and he cut them for me.  The rest I put together myself.   I designed it to fit into my Victorian house with the crown molding at the top, but I made it very clean and straightforward.  I also redid the fireplace mantel and put in a large mirror where a small oval one once was...  I used my small table saw, a jigsaw, hammer, nails, drill and screws with white board, aluminum L's and U's, metal supports, crown molding from Home Depot, cabinet handles from  Ikea, pull out hinges and hardware from the Rockler shop.  Swiss Coffee eggshell paint and it was done.... This is an old photo.  Now the bookshelves are brimming with too many books! I need to make more bookshelves!

Right side in work...

Cabinet with top pull out shelf with front drop down leaves, below left for the printer and file pull out on the right.

Left side in work...

Cabinet with spaces for the DVD and Cable controls on top and shelves below for 'stuff'.

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