Friday, April 11, 2014

Transformed Treasures

The Salvation Army fund raiser - vouchers were given to participants to buy from the Salvation Army stores and transform what they bought to raise funds at an auction to sell these treasures.
I bought an old wool sweater that had gone through the wash..not completely shrunk.  I washed it again and found a few holes.  I was going to line it with a cotton T shirt and make a jacket but, because of the small holes, decided against it.  The following photos of my transformation of the sweater.
I felted this sweater by washing twice and drying in a hot dryer.

In work...making the necklace..punching circles

closeup of the brooch and necklace.
Finished three pieces, neck warmer that I finished with a crochet edge, a necklace and a brooch.

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art Altered Book Show Piece

cutting out words from an old dictionary, aged patina....after mod podge brushed and dry....
my first loom to weave...was not working

Here is the new loom and also the small book I used... I found the page to be opened ...beginning of a new chapter and new scene....

weaving the words and definitions of principal words to my phrase.
finished weaving words and gold metallic thread...
stitching the words with needle and gold metallic thread to surround the weaving and book

close up of stitching...

close up of finished piece...
Final piece with added backing for hanging...
 'Sew a thread of golden words on weft and warp of a paper loom, then stitch a yarn to weave a tapestry of collected memories.'..a phrase I made up while thinking of the double meaning of yarn.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moving Line of Roman Cursive, a workshop of Massimo Polello

The charming Italian came all the way from Turin to give Friends of Calligraphy a workshop.  I was fortunate in being in this class.  The first papers of a copy of an old Roman cursive writing was given to us.  It looked like gibberish until Massimo lead us through the forms.  After attempts of understanding the form and how it was written, we were challenged to be free to do variations of it and how we could use these forms to create art.  Like a dance, know the basic steps and make your own body movement to the music.  The following photos are of the book I made of my exercises and practice. I think this is a good way to reference what Massimo tried to teach.  I just need a lot more practice...lots more.
Front cover,  all pages are half lengthwise of Canson Mi Tientes. Some were cut down to accommodate W book form and stitched with a simple pamphlet stitch.

The back of the stitched book.  I did not photo all pages...

Cards, cards, cards.....

I created three thank you cards this week. I tried a few things I had never done before.  Here are the results.  All were influenced because it is Valentine's day on Friday.  All were done with love.
Embossed name of Elena, cut out frame for hand cut heart of base card.

Inside of base card sewn with red thread, gold painted heart inside of red cutout square.

The front of the card tied with red string with name of recipient

Untied and opened to accordian alphabet cut in Milton Glazer like Baby Teeth font.  This accordian alphabet was inspired by Takako Tokugawa who had done one with Neuland.  Thank you Takako.

Another shot with card held open with a box of vintage pen nibs. The accordian was heavy vellum paper.
Back of card with cutout red heart from previous card.....

Again an embossed name with cut out and then added a red piece with a heart cut out.

The inside of the card with the saved red heart and U written with a pen.  Additional sentiments below red envelope.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy New Year!

I had fun making a few New Year cards using Adobe Illustrator.  The challenge was to make them 'mine' and not too commercial....Oh well, these are the results:  I used heavy letterpress paper.

Funny how they photoed in different colors....

Trivial Pursuits XXVI

It happened again for the 26th time.  I have had fun coordinating this event for the last three years.  Six teachers and 40 students plus two volunteers have a day long event.  Each teacher teaches five times with 50 minute classes.  Check out my past blog with the flyer notice.  I wanted to make a colorful banner this time since our theme was 'RED'.  This is what I came up with and used for the first time water soluble artists' crayons.  I really liked how they performed.

In the works, I randomly colored Strathmore 400 drawing paper.  I then cut out letters to spell out Trivial Pursuits XXVI.  I then glued then on plain paper and cut a halo around them.

I place them on red paper to see how they would look against the red.
Close-up of the banner
The finished banner....photoed in my hall.
Wonderful gift bags were prepared for everyone.  I made these nametags to identify each persons bag using a letterform inspired by Garth Colgan.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Wildflower Cards

Ruth's Table and Etsy are having an event this weekend which I cannot attend.  I thought I would contribute to Ruth's Table these cards I made.  The original pen drawings were done on letterpress cardstock and copied onto letterpress card stock to make mutiples.  I realized that the time I spent on each was too lengthy so I put my copier to good use.  The wildflowers are from my small farm, Um Tanto Bravo (a little wild), in Portugal. Here are a few examples.
Here I have finished them and are packaging them for sale.  I used Sakura Micron pens for all of my drawings.

The only greeting card...all are blank inside.