Thursday, July 10, 2014

Honorary Award from Ruth's Table

How wonderful and honored to receive an award from Ruth's Table and a certificate of recognition from the State Senate and Senator Mark Leno.

My daughters Yukiko and Miya attended the occasion with me at Art at the Table.  It was held at the beautiful City Club (has one of the murals of Diego Rivera) with a wonderful dinner and entertainment.  This event was also held to raise funds to further benefit different forms of art to bring the community across different ages of people together.
Here are the six honorees with Ruth's Table and Bethany House executives.. Lola Fraknoi, fourth from the left, was not holding hers.

Here I am with my daughters Miya and Yukiko.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

John Stevens - Two Lines Intersecting (Interacting)

The Summer Workshop of Friends of Calligraphy had the good fortune of having master calligrapher, John Stevens give this years summer workshop at the I House on the UC Berkeley campus.  20 of us were lucky to be in it.  John passed on exercises to study lines created by us with brushes and pens...shapes-letterforms-text blocks.  All of us had varying degrees of self imposed success and failures.  I think everyone learned a lot.  I certainly did.  Not only did John give us this class, he also gave a presentation at the San Francisco Public Library. It was standing room only and was well received. He also gave time to sign his book, Scribes.
Here are a few photos from the workshop that I can post.

A practice piece of John's to test his pointed pen and paint.  The smallest sentence is only 1/16".

My attempts using flat brush and have lines intersecting or interacting...
More attempts.....

White board examples of explanation on forms of text.. but first printing with the influence of Roman Caps.

All eyes front as we went around the room for critics.

Piece I did with John's 2"
The accordian folio done with John's suggestions of using our first 2 line stroke statues...need to finish the text..
Only the one folio that I finished..can be seen this way or upside down...still has balance..illustration to text..

John's example of uneven alignment

Here is another great piece. I can't remember who did it.

Christina Schenk did this lovely folio
Joe Boissy had time to do the intersecting line alphabet...this is his first attempt...good! Bonnie Noehr also made time to do them and was successful, I think.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Gloria Soliz needed something for the altar at Bethany Church for Pentecost.  She liked the luminaries we made for Art At The Table, a fund raiser for Ruth's Table.  She thought they would make beautiful ones with colored paper to look like flames.  We bought marbelized paper from Flax Art Supply and began.  Since she wanted them larger, I made new templates and supports.  We also needed a tutorial for future Ruth's Table workshops and so we met at Ruth's Table and took photos and videos of the process. Tomoko Lipp and Gloria both recorded and helped make these.  I will also make a written tutorial. This is a photo of the finished products.  This is all because we had a wonderful inspiration from Aiko Cuneo and her forms for Art At The Table centerpieces.

We did variations of the three red and the two gold luminares.

Today we began by gluing two pieces of the papers to make a long sheet..I showed how to make sure the clean cut edge remains straight and the glued edges overlap nicely.

Next we determined the size of the accordian folds with what limitation the paper gave us.

Then we made the star base support.  Giving each a geometric way to do this easily.

Then the papers were accordian folded as I had learned to do it in book making.  This gives an even and straight fold.

The base of the folds were cut and a center angle fold was determined and I explained about the angle ..steeper, the straighter the folded paper stood, less steep, the fuller it can be.This angle will also determine the bottom cut of the folds that fit on the star support.

We agreed to make three stars supports, one to fit into the other. 

We finished with these 5 and Gloria was very happy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


My rejected entry for the SCRAP recycled-repurposed art show. Not everything an artist enters is accepted in a juried show.  So many things are involved from the jurors; their personal ideas, thoughts and likes and what they think the show should exhibit.  Many disappointments and many triumphs that one cannot take as the final judgment.  It is just one show and certain judges.  From rejection, one learns humility and lessons to not give up the desire to create.  One show does not define you.
A well known writer was rejected six times before being accepted to publish and it became one of the most sold books in the world.  So, I will try again and make more art. 
This piece I made from a few of the many discarded National Geographic Magazines donated to SCRAP.  The background map of San Francisco was also found at SCRAP as well as the frame and backing boards.  The only part that was not found at SCRAP were the special pins for taxonomy bought at Paxton Gates.  The mod podge, acrylic paints and glues were also from SCRAP.


The title was made from the following the rules of of origin, state, city, longitude and latitude, species, genius,  name of insect..I named this geonatgami c2s,  then the date and founder.....geonat for national geographic, gami - word for paper in japanese and part of origami, c2s for double sided gloss paper.

Close up of the spacers surrounding the piece made from the spines of the discarded National Geographic Magazines.

Each of the pages were marbelized with Citrasol, then mod podged to give them strength.  I also added paint for some of the backings to highlight the finished folds of the  pieces.  I then cut them into squares or rectangles depending on the origami fold I planned to do.  The origami folds are all different versions of the butterfly.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Transformed Treasures

The Salvation Army fund raiser - vouchers were given to participants to buy from the Salvation Army stores and transform what they bought to raise funds at an auction to sell these treasures.
I bought an old wool sweater that had gone through the wash..not completely shrunk.  I washed it again and found a few holes.  I was going to line it with a cotton T shirt and make a jacket but, because of the small holes, decided against it.  The following photos of my transformation of the sweater.
I felted this sweater by washing twice and drying in a hot dryer.

In work...making the necklace..punching circles

closeup of the brooch and necklace.
Finished three pieces, neck warmer that I finished with a crochet edge, a necklace and a brooch.

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art Altered Book Show Piece

Sew a thread of golden words on weft and warp of a paper loom, then stitch a yarn to weave a tapestry of collected memories.  Final piece with added backing for hanging to display...

cutting out words from an old dictionary, aged patina....after mod podge brushed and dry....
my first loom to weave...was not working
New loom of board

Here is the new loom and also the small book I used... I found the page to be opened ...beginning of a new chapter and new scene....

weaving the words and definitions of principal words to my phrase.
finished weaving words and gold metallic thread...
stitching the words with needle and gold metallic thread to surround the weaving and book

close up of stitching...

close up of finished piece with a support on each side of the woven tapestry to float above the open book..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moving Line of Roman Cursive, a workshop of Massimo Polello

The charming Italian came all the way from Turin to give Friends of Calligraphy a workshop.  I was fortunate in being in this class.  The first papers of a copy of an old Roman cursive writing was given to us.  It looked like gibberish until Massimo lead us through the forms.  After attempts of understanding the form and how it was written, we were challenged to be free to do variations of it and how we could use these forms to create art.  Like a dance, know the basic steps and make your own body movement to the music.  The following photos are of the book I made of my exercises and practice. I think this is a good way to reference what Massimo tried to teach.  I just need a lot more practice...lots more.
Front cover,  all pages are half lengthwise of Canson Mi Tientes. Some were cut down to accommodate W book form and stitched with a simple pamphlet stitch.

The back of the stitched book.  I did not photo all pages...