Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Letters California Style 8X8

Letters California Style, an annual conference sponsored by Society for Calligraphy in the Los Angeles area, asked for 8"X8" pieces of art, no frames, flat with a floral and fauna theme. These would be auctioned for funds towards the conference. I submitted two. The first Nature Makes an Impression was taken in an angle, so is distorted.
This is a copy of an original botanical print I made and scribed with walnut ink. Do you notice the sticker? It is the auction #.

Thiw was a piece using bleach on colored card stock...mix media. It was #29.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cut It Out

Society for Calligraphy, Orange County, invited me to teach this class that I had come up with a few years ago. I was inspired by many artists, David Winkler, Takako Stevens, Scott Macarney and others. The class was full with 19 students, one extra student by error but we made do. Two full days with no time to spare. I was treated so well by Barbara Close, who was my hostess.
Here is a report made by Sylvia Kowal, a guild member. She made the report for their journal. The Cut it Out logo was designed by me for their flyer and my handouts.

Paper Gems

I was invited to teach my Paper jewelry for Pacific Scribes. I had a great day with 15 wonderful students. They did such great work. Here are a few photos;

This is a photo of all the samples I was to teach..
Here I am with the gluing machine for the bead piece.
Sara and her creation using a special punch lent to me by my friend Patricia.

Students work ; They are all so good!

Sample of the 3 D beads
the jewel samples.

a four part bead student sample

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trivial Pursuits 30

The annual Trivial Pursuits with Friends of Calligraphy is 30 years old. It is a wonderful time of learning 6 arts and crafts in a single day. It began 30 years ago with the idea from Anne Yamasaki. It has been going strong each year with a full house of 40 eager participants, 6 teachers and helpers.
In order to attend, each person must send in a decorated envelope, their application. There is a contest with first, second and third prizes. I won first this year!  Here is my envelope that was sent to our coordinator;

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer Class with Erma Takeda

Another Summer fun with Erma. This summer I pick the MacKintosh hand to study. Every few weeks, each person in the class was to send Erma and another participant, assigned by Erma, a card following a prompt. This year's theme was 'Cut It Out';. Sound familiar? It is also the name of a workshop that I am giving in Los Angeles in October. Anyway, she attached a prompt that we were to adhere to with our cards and lettering. The only one I forgot to photo was the first that I sent out.  Here are the others of mine;

prompt - use decorative edge scissors + 4 lines of chosen leterform and smaller tool. The rose colored area is cut with exacto, white cherry blossoms cut and inserted, all mounted onto stamp edge scissors cut green paper and this all mounted on cardstock.

prompt - use exacto blade..used vellum behind cutout..appears like a cut glass window when opened, may be able to see message under.

prompt - use small scissors and keep practicing. I used painted tissues from another art piece, from a workshop with Este Macloed, and cut out forms and glued down...could not duplicate, so two are different.

cutting out
Wasn't smart enough to cut out two papers at a time. As you see, each one is a little different because they were individually cut.
This was the last page close up of the two quotes and my message.
last prompt - your choice of cutting tool - I made an accordian card with each a silhouette cutout to spell A ROSE and wrote two quotes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Eco-print 2, Edibles - Paper - Fabric

Carol, Ali, me, Kate, Cheryl and Hannah...
This past full weekend, I gave a workshop at San Francisco Center for the Book. It was on Eco-printing with botanicals. This time I included with leaves and flowers, purple carrots, red cabbage, strawberry tops, onion skins, avocado, black beans, pomegranate and rosemary. I also gave each a piece of cotton, linen, wool and silk. The students did great work. Here are a few photos;

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fibonacci - Sacred Geometry

Belonging to a closed group of scribbler's; the weekly prompt was sacred geometry. So, I decided to try my hand at the Fibonacci nautilus. My attempt to do it by hand, with my engineering tools, was frustrating; trying to make perfect squares. So, I decided to use my Adobe Illustrator and do it with my computer. So here is the one I just finished. I want to try other solutions, but this is my first.

I also designed the letters, using geometric forms.