Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sierra Gorda Mexico and Eco Printing

Request to show the Groupo Sierra Gorda about eco- printing was a challenge. I had to figure out a way to get needed materials and supplies on the plane or have the Mexican's there find everything.
I decided to get light weight tubing that could withstand the heat. I bought aluminium tubing and had it cut to 12" lengths..sturdy and light. I took Arches Text wove paper; enough for two per person..a light tough paper. I mordant them before I traveled.While in Mexico City, I went to an art store and bought more paper. I put all chemicals in smaller containers; Aluminium Acetate, Ferrous Sulfate, copper sulphate,  logwood and annato. I requested onion skins and rust water to be ready when I got there. I also requested pots that would accommodate the 12" tubing. Since I was restricted by weight, I requested fabric be scoured and ready to print. Although everything was not ready or there when I arrived to give the workshop, we made do. I had 12 students that seemed to be delighted in what they produced.

Emma and her two pieces.

silk scarves

hanging to dry

Our workspace Talapa

stove set up with gas and pots and pans...

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aluminum tubes + one galvanized pipe ready to get simmered.

Nature Makes an Impression workshop in Southern California

The work of Sylvia Kowal

Carolyn Bremer's logwood blanket pieces
Carrie Imai's piece on Kraft Tex

Joan Hawks and her lovely silk scarf

Anne Bystrom's  piece

Janet Martorello's wrinkled iron blanket piece

Marian Oshiro's iron blanket piece.