Sunday, January 3, 2016

Journal group

Trying my best to be a part of a journaling group. With so many talented members, it is going to be a challenge. Knowing how I like to confront my fears, I completed my first prompt to choose a word of intention and make the first page with that word. My word I chose was JOURNEYS. This came from a line I wrote, Journeys await you in the land of letters that make the words that go together. Journeys was first Adventures but Gemma Black suggested I change it to Journeys. Thank you Gemma. Here are some photos with some preliminary sketches and the final piece for this week. We will be getting weekly prompts to continue the process of creativity and sharing with the group. I hope I can keep up.
I dreamt of my pen traveling along a path to create the letters of my word.  Some preliminary sketches.  I also used some gingko leaves to try and mimic letters..not so good.

This is the final piece on my first page of my journal. Format is 6.5" X 6.5", Arches Textwove, walnut ink, parallel pen.