Monday, October 31, 2011

Free workshop with 3R Art Paper Rose Project

Tomoko Lipp will be giving a free paper rose workshop at Ruth's Table on
December 2, 2011 - 6PM - 9PM
Join us for a great evening!

 From Tomoko's card;
"Rose is a symbol of love.  We show our love of the Earth and love of all people by making a paper rose.  In giving a Paper Rose to another, we are reminding them of the 3R's, 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'.  3R art is a 100% volunteer, not for profit organization, promoting the 3Rs in a positive way through the creation of recycled art.

FabMo Flower Power Workshop

Monica Lee and I gave a Flower Power Workshop at
FabMo in Mountain View this last Saturday.
It was a full house and we had a great time teaching great students.
more photos....

The scout troop

showing Mary how to fold...

more flowers...

Here I am teaching and Monica is photoingl

Halloween costume

My Grandson Mile's Halloween costume, as a Sushi, with his
mini sushi pet we made together.
He loves sushi!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Repurpose Book Workshop

Monica Lee is heading the Repurpose Book Workshop at
FabMo in Mountain View  (
 on November 13th and I am her helper.
These are samples of some things we may make plus
the one below.
She added this piece by using repurposed fabrics with the
repurposed book.

Found Book workshop

These were our samples for students to see what
the possibilities were for our workshop.
Monica Lee took all these photos so she isn't in any...
Student's finished projects from the workshop..
We finished 6 different books.

Jodee, Rebecca, Cara and Catherine making the ticket book
with me.
Making our version of the ticket book
Making the covers to the origami book
Catherine's oribami pages
Cara's origami pages

Promoting our workshop at FabMo Boutique

Monica Lee and I are giving workshops at FabMo during the
next few months and wanted to promote them and thought
it a good idea to do it during the Bourtique.  we met
a lot of people who are signing up just by our samples,
Jonathan Cranch of FabMo fame and Stephanie a
volunteer for the reception table
Stuff we brought to tempt people to take the workshops

More stuff to show

Entry hall with exhibitors, more inside

Here I am yakking it up!
Still talking!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Japan Society's gift to Hoover Middle School Japanese program

Japan Society's donation presentation to Hoover Middle School.
A tea ceremony, Ikebana and Origami were shared with the students
in the Japanese language program.

Henry Kaku, origami instructor, in front of his table of origami pieces,
 listening to the presentation.  I was asked to assist him
in teaching the students a few fun pieces;
 heart, butterfly and origami star vase.

Henry, Megumi Inouye who was the organizer for the event and me
in front of the giant crane.  I was lucky to be able to help Henry
fold a 6' square paper to make the crane.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Workshop with Monica Lee

November 20th is the day for "NOT YOUR ORDINARY WREATH" workshop at Ruths Table (  Monica Lee, the Artist In Residence, will have samples for participants to see and learn.   The workshop is such a good deal at $15. from 1-4 and supplies, the public is invited.  Here are a few photos of the ones I made for her as samples.  Great for the holidays!
This interior wreath made with pages from a book and buttons.
Burlap strips on a metal hanger.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Zip Pin

I made this free form pin in 20 minutes.  I was missing a black one I made long ago that I gave to my sister in law.  This one is made with metal teeth and I used a jacket zipper.  I left the pull on for interest.  The other was made with large black plastic teeth for a jacket.  These are really fun to make.  I may teach this type for the Flower Power workshop at FabMo on October 29....not sure yet because there is are so many different kinds to teach...paper flowers, fabric flowers, felted flowers......etc.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stacy's Mask

Stacy Garfinkel needed a masquerade mask for the San Francisco Beautiful Masquerade Soiree (   She was an award winning honoree for her work with the Sunnyside Conservatory (  Monica Lee, Stacy and I designed and put the mask together.  Thank goodness for hot glue guns and seam live air plants, succulents and a few green twigs.
Stacy and her live plant mask
Getting it together...
Checking it out...collaborating...

My busy hands
Stacy, Monica Lee and I spent a few hours
putting these together with live plants.
....also one for her husband.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lani's painting and chair

I visited my mother today and my brother Karl and his wife Lani, with whom she lives.
In their living room was a wonderful bent wood chair that Lani picked up at a garage sale.
She cleaned it up and it is a beautiful solid piece with metal footings.  Karl thinks it is oak.  She did a painting that is perfect behind the chair.  She used house paints that were left overs and painted with a house paint brush.

Aiko Cuneo and Day of the Dead Ofrendas

Aiko Cuneo gave a wonderful workshop at Ruth's Table this last Saturday.  It was a workshop making Ofrenda's which are alters dedicated and to celebrate the spirit of loved ones who have passed.  This Mexican tradition lives on in California.  Aiko provided guidance and tons of materials to make these below.  We all had a great time.  
My grandson Mile's Ofrenda for Poppy, his great grandfather,
and for Hamy, his first pet who lasted for one week.

Monica Lee's, AIR of Ruth's Table,  for her sister and friends: incomplete.

This is mine for the ole man - branches, natural plywood, cactus, beer caps, sea shells, plants,
 Japanese origami and fan.

Earl's for his family who lived on a Missouri farm.
All deceased in the photo.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mrs. Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful

 I helped Yuriko Romer ( with the promotional items for her film documentary about Keiko Fukuda, by making the buttons and mirrors below.   After giving up the conventional traditions of her Japanese Samurai-culture youth, Keiko made a lifelong commitment to judo.  The film, due for release in 2012, chronicles her journey across 4 continents, 8 decades and 77 years to become the highest ranking woman in judo history.  Today at 98, she is the last living connection to Jigoro Kano, judo's founder.
After I designed the templates for the buttons, mirrors and card holders, Monica Lee and I had them printed.  Monica brought over her button and mirror maker and we spent the day making these for Yuriko's promotion at a Judo competition at San Francisco City College (10/15/2011).  People who contribute to her film production will receive these buttons or mirror.  She also had totebags and caps made with the calligraphy and titles.

Finished buttons being placed on a card to be given to contributors  
Finished mirror
Printout of the buttons before they are cut
Cut out
Putting it all together.

Putting it together