Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorated Envelopes

Every year, for the last 23 years, the Friends of Calligraphy put on an event for it's members called Trivial Pursuits.  In order to apply for a spot in the workshop, one has to send in their application in a decorated envelope.  Only 40 people are accepted to a full day of six-50 minute workshops learning trivial pursuits.  I have never had one class that was trivial.  They have all been really great.  I will post later for the upcoming one in January.  I am the coordinator for it this year.  These are some of the envelopes that I had sent in years ago.

Closed with an indication on where to pull open, I made
a perforation cut around three sides.

This is it when it opens, the envelope pops up and the gold,
Looking forward  to fun, card stands up, and the stamp also lifts.
I took a colorful map of the Bay Area and made
a legend with Illustrator that had the address.
I used a California state stamp.   It arrived safely.
I was in Montevideo when I applied for that years
Trivial Pursuits.  I made the envelope with various
origami papers sewn together,  embroidered the
address and sent it with an Uruguay Stamp.
It reached Anne without a stamp cancellation.

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