Friday, October 7, 2011

 After showing at the Bookworks show at the San Francisco Public Library, I finally am able to give my grandchildren the book I made for them.  Here are the photos of the book.  The structure is a star book with covers decoupaged with pages from discarded books written in English, German, Spanish and French.  I also added cancelled stamps of writers Shakespeare, Dickinson, Dante and Lanier and other stamps concerning communication and adventure.  The inner pages were made using Canson mi-tientes colored papers and the ribbon from a taffeta fabric leftover.   The blackletter calligraphy with sumi ink using a brause nib on Fabriano text. This book was conceived as a final project for the Ward Dunham and Linnea Lundquist blackletter calligraphy class.
I wrote the text influenced by the phrase of Aristophanes 'By words the mind has wings'.

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