Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Works from the past;

This metal gate was designed for a building in Lisbon that had full glass windows and doors  on the main street.  I designed it using three sizes of rebar.  The business did not succeed and it was returned.  I am giving it to a dear friend, Frederico, for his place in Castelo Da Vide, Portugal, the Senora Vitoria.  This photo taken behind the garage on our farm, Um Tanto Bravo, (a little wild) in Castelo Da Vide.
I painted this 4' x 5' canvas to hide a badly textured wall in the living room  in Montevideo.
I incorporated colors that were used throughout the apartment.  We had a mix of classic, art deco and modern pieces. 
9' Corner window in the Montevideo Uruguay apartment.  I designed it to hide the view of highrise apartment buildings across the street.  It was made to look like a stained glass piece.  I wanted light to be able to come through.
The blue in the clouds come from the blue sky outside.  The clouds and sky in the glass is clear or frosted only.

The same window in the early evening.
I made the design and used window paint and liquid leading to affect the appearance of
a stained glass window.  I stood on a 10' ladder for two days painting with a small spatula.
It was designed on paper then enlarged it to size.  I did not know how to trace it on the glass and
could not place it on the opposite side five floors above the ground.  So I used the liquid lead
to do the outlines as closely as possible and then painted inside the outlines.
I used 3 different clear and frosted textures for the clouds and sky and
used mixed colors for the land and sea gulls.
 This was the last of 4 designs I had sketched.
You may notice that I like grass blowing in the wind. 

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