Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mexican Macetones out of reclaimed Tires

The EcoClub with the Sierra Gorda Biosphere are learning and teaching how to make the vessels out of reclaimed tires.  The Eco Lodges are using them as hanging planters.

Used as a hanging planter.
Zebra swing

All these are around $10.USD

SF Sketchers at Crissy Field

 Our small 7 member SF Sketchers got together at Crissy Field on a beautiful day to sketch and see what we could do in the 3 hours we were there.  We shared techniques and tools and comments at the Hut.  It was great!  I am looking forward to more meet-ups.
My first quick pencil sketch..warm up!

Eucalyptus leaves fallen on the ground.....
Daisies growing in the grass...watercolors

My last piece, a hydrant at the end of the hut area drawn with a felt tip pen without preliminary pencil work.

Birthday Party at the DeYoung Museum

The Birthday cards I made for the Birthday Girls.....Thank you Rebecca Wild and Paul Klee.
Last week a group of us got together to celebrate two of our friends' Birthdays.  A wonderful suggestion to have it at the DeYoung Museum and visit the Gaultier show, see the new AIR exhibit and have lunch in their cafe.  The following are photos;   Happy Birthday Friends!

Gaultier dress made with film and printed fabric of film strips....Perfect for Yuriko!

Gaultier dress made of silk ribbons.

Pearls and mother of pearl shells and much work!

Part of the 'Spanish' collection of Gaultier

Ramekon's collage.

Ramekon - AIR deYoung Museum

Ramekon is the new Artist in Residence at the deYoung Museum.  He spoke to our group of birthday party ladies. 

Chair completely embellished with beads, buttons and lots of gathered things.

The Mannequin.

Close up side view of a mattress completely covered...see puzzle pieces too.

Overhead faces too...
I forgot to photo the huge crochet project he is doing with the help of those who visited his exhibit.  He is taking strips of cloth, of many different prints and kinds, crocheting it and attaching it, much like the rag rugs, but keeping all the undulations and change of directions to make a huge piece.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

United Airline Concourse Exhibit

On my way to catch a flight to Mexico, I was lucky to see this exhibit on the United Airline concourse.  A great exhibit that is only seen by those who have a ticket,  too bad.  It was well done and as I understand from a FabMo notification, Mr. Rich Douglas, of Palo Alto,  lent many of his sewing machines and other sewing articles to this great exhibit.
Lots of great information.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


The ladies of the basic embroidery class I taught at FabMo in Mountain View.  We had a great time.

More Paper Roses

The ladies of the Florin Buddhist Church, whom I taught how to make the newspaper roses, with their roses. I taught them in March.  I gave a free lesson as I promised my teacher of the paper roses, Tomoko Lipp.  

The results were beautiful!


This is the group of the ecological teachers of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere,, who visit villages to teach about the ways to save our planet.  I gave them a class on the use of old newspapers to make the paper roses taught to me by Tomoko Lipp in San Francisco.  They were elated!

The finished roses and hands of the artist's.

This is the just completed Eco Lodge on the main compound of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere headquarters,  It is completely booked this Semana Santa weekend with visitors to the Biosphere and taking the overflow of the visitors to the Jalpan area.  The hanging planters are recycled tires that are cut and painted to look like exotic tropical birds.
The side view of the main lodge...this in  Jalpan, Queretaro, Mexico.   The town of Jalpan has one of the missions built by Junipero Serra.  The area has five missions commissioned by him and are visited by many annually. 
The wild orchids growing just outside the offices.  There are huge varieties growing throughout the area.
A close-up of the small golden orchids.
I am always in wonder at the beautiful area of the Sierra Gorda in the state of Queretaro, Mexico.  They have more kinds of butterflies than the area of Canada and the United States put together.  With the urging of my wonderful friend, Laura Perez Arce, who is with the Biosphere,  I have tried to help with some of the many projects they back in the area and am on the board of Eco Sierra Gorda,  We visited the Tonatico area on the last weekend I was there and had a wonderful hike and experience of a light shower in the midst of a wind of leaves blown from the trees.  A magical day in the mountains, I felt a sense of peace and happiness.