Sunday, April 8, 2012


This is the group of the ecological teachers of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere,, who visit villages to teach about the ways to save our planet.  I gave them a class on the use of old newspapers to make the paper roses taught to me by Tomoko Lipp in San Francisco.  They were elated!

The finished roses and hands of the artist's.

This is the just completed Eco Lodge on the main compound of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere headquarters,  It is completely booked this Semana Santa weekend with visitors to the Biosphere and taking the overflow of the visitors to the Jalpan area.  The hanging planters are recycled tires that are cut and painted to look like exotic tropical birds.
The side view of the main lodge...this in  Jalpan, Queretaro, Mexico.   The town of Jalpan has one of the missions built by Junipero Serra.  The area has five missions commissioned by him and are visited by many annually. 
The wild orchids growing just outside the offices.  There are huge varieties growing throughout the area.
A close-up of the small golden orchids.
I am always in wonder at the beautiful area of the Sierra Gorda in the state of Queretaro, Mexico.  They have more kinds of butterflies than the area of Canada and the United States put together.  With the urging of my wonderful friend, Laura Perez Arce, who is with the Biosphere,  I have tried to help with some of the many projects they back in the area and am on the board of Eco Sierra Gorda,  We visited the Tonatico area on the last weekend I was there and had a wonderful hike and experience of a light shower in the midst of a wind of leaves blown from the trees.  A magical day in the mountains, I felt a sense of peace and happiness.

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