Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend taking a workshop with Rebecca Wild.  Through the Friends of Calligraphy, Rebecca came to teach techniques she knows with inspiration from the art of Paul Klee.  Our workshop began with mirror images of our own signatures.  From our marks, we made each of our pieces using portions of eight parts we chose with a cut paper window.

My group of 7X7 pieces I was able to do in the two days.

My first piece with sumi ink and soft pastels

....washes, tape resists, stylus, pastels, stencils
...using washes, tape resists, stylus, soft pastels
...tinted wax, black paint, washes, soft pastels, texturing tools...

using black wax stick to cover paper to be used as a carbon to make the black marks and using previous techniques.
The last pieces we made were a portfolio to hold our work and an information sheet that Rebecca had printed for all of us.  We made an additional smaller piece to decorate the front...mine made with a round nib and sumi ink, washes and soft pastels.

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