Thursday, February 2, 2012


All ready to go.....rice paper, brushes, ink and water. Today at Ruth's Table, we had the opportunity to learn Chinese Brush painting.  It is in conjunction with an exhibit at Bethany House and Ruth's Table of art from the Joseph's Fine Art School.  Joseph Yan and his wife Janny Huang taught today with Earl Speas, their long time student.

Earl Speas introducing Janny and Joseph and explaining how he started to learn the art of Chinese Brush painting.
Holding the brush...
...thick and thin lines, fast and slow...loading the brush...
Joseph Yan, Lola Franknoi of Ruth's Table and Janny Huang
First stroke....face
Second stroke....head
Then the body..needs more weight....
anther body..too skinny
Add legs and arms, fingers and toes..needs better toes
Don't forget the face and ears..last the tail.
My group of monkeys....
Lola's Monkey
Margies Monkey
Teachers examples
teachers peach blossoms...1-2-3


Joseph showing his sample..

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