Tuesday, July 21, 2020


 It has been a while since I put hand to cloth with embroidery or hand stitching. With SIP, I joined a group headquartered in England. ...Textile Arts and a monthly Stitch Club. Each month, three stitch artists give a workshop with a challenge. Here are some of my attempts of the first challenge by Debbie Lyddon;

First challenge was to make a container to hold something found or saved. These are the pattern pieces I created to make a self standing container. It is very small - 3.5" wide X 3" tall. It will hold a Japanese good luck wooden charm. or a seashell. This was a Debbie Lyddon challenge. We were to make three containers.
The fabric was first painted with acrylic paints.

Whip stitched all around to hold everything together
Openings placed to be able to see what is inside at different angles.

The openings were supported with copper wire.

This container was made to hold my Granddaughter's saved rock. I wanted to make something that would hang. Here was my solution.
I continued the copper wire above the top support to form holders to be able to hang.

I shaped the opening hole to mimic the shape of the rock and formed the holder to do the same..

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