Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Still being able to learn

I thought that, by my age, I should be a sage. The enlightenment would be reached and I could dwell in the comfort of knowing... At 78, it hasn't happened yet. I am trying to know something.....maybe more of myself than anything else. So, with the Covid 19 happening and all my face to face workshops being cancelled, I am taking as many or too many online classes to fill my little brain.

Now I am learning to Zoom.. Wow, what a technology to have. How lucky we do have it.

I gave a short class to Artseed. I volunteered to help try to save their summer intensive workshops for vulnerable kids. It worked and the group was pleased with my small contribution.

Next, I am the guinea pig for SCRAP-sf, planning Zoom classes. We are trying to figure out logistics of materials and tools and use of Zoom for the workshops. Challenging.

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