Tuesday, July 21, 2020

25 Million Stitches

 .....one stitch for each one of the 25 million refugees  This is a project to engage as many participants and raise awareness to the current global refugee crisis. The 25 million stitches were reached after many in the world sent their panels to Sacramento to Jennifer Kim Sohn. Jennifer began this project 13 months before the 25 million stitches were reached. I was fortunate to meet and talk to her in front of her home when I delivered 2 of the 5 panels I stitched. I only did a straight stitch and no real embroidery, concentrating on making the stitches to count. The virus hit and the display and opening of the project has been delayed.

My first piece...made without planing. I just let my fingers do the walking....

all of the pieces were done without sketches or planning.

Even this was done without planning...

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