Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SIP - Shelter In Place

A new term to learn. SIP and all its meanings. We are all vulnerable by the unknown virus; physically and mentally. It is a taxing time to learn ones ability to cope....again and again.

I have been so fortunate in most aspects of my life but those bumps in the road haven't been easy.

I know I like to do creative things alone in a quiet place but need the contacts of friends or family. I realized that I needed interaction with another person at least once a day.

Before this SIP happened, I would take a walk or have an errand to do, no matter how insignificant, at the least, once a day. Now,  I try to make something or learn something new with the new technology and Zoom.  How fortunate to have this. I hope this time is meant for all of us to learn about ourselves and our home on earth.

Upon learning that our caregivers needed masks to help their lack of safety equipment, I wanted to help. Because of my experience in sewing, I began to make masks. I tested numerous kinds and patterns and finally came up with my own....a tweak here and a tweak there. With a friend, Chula Camp, we were able to donate to Doctors and Nurses, a school (400),  cancer wards and others. We now sell them to help pay for those we donated and are donating.

I have made a few different ones than the regular mask. I worked on a beard mask and a mask with extra nose space and a mask for children. I now have 75 different prints. All masks have a filter pocket and a nose wire with three ways to wear them (inserted directions).
beard mask

child size mask

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