Thursday, January 3, 2019

Joke Bouden's workshops David Jones and Concertina book

We were so fortunate to have Joke come all the way from Brugge to pass on the David Jones letterforms and also to show us how she produces her wonderful Concertina books. We practiced the letterforms from David Jones pieces and were asked to make a piece using only a few words using gouache or fine tip pens. Mine was Ready, Set, Go. For the Concertina; we had to do our own by picking a theme and researching images and words of that theme. She inspired us by showing her originals from a special box she made. She handled them with cotton gloves and we were not to touch them. They were so wonderful. The intricacies of her work was out of this world. She gets a lot of her images from the internet but makes them her own way. She says she never makes an outline of where her images are going to be placed but adds as she finds them...filling in here and there, balancing the whole.

Daavid Jones workshop piece.

First image I did with fine tip pen and watercolor.

some words from my verse added..I did not like and have since changed this part with a knit image.
Coat of many colors and fringe edge of a rug.

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