Thursday, January 3, 2019

Button Up Buttercup

At SCRAP-sf there is a huge assortment of buttons. So I thought to give a button necklace workshop to use some of them. I taught three versions to 12 students. (Knot Again, Hi Wire, and String Along.) Some thought the assortment wasn't very colorful until I had them take time to get themselves a small box full. I first showed them the ones I had made from the bins, gave them some advice and them let them go to it. The first image is the sampling I made. The rest are the students with the Hi Wire technique. They all did a great job.

These three necklaces were made from the bins.

Carol Heard
Nora Chun Oba
Regina Gibson

Dorothy Reinhardt

Dotty Garone

Evelyn Eldridge

Kay Harris

Laura Waterman

Megumi Inouye

Valerie Franco

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