Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Calligraphy for Bethany Church

This was written for the church newsletter;
Rev. Sadie Stone is giving a sermon series based on the Seven Next Words of Christ found in the Gospels and written about by Shane Stanford in his book, “The Seven Next Words of Christ” published in 2006. The Worship Committee reviewed the scriptural passages and agreed that the Seven Next Words would be our worship focus following Easter until Pentecost. Dorothy Yuki, designer and artist, and a friend of Gloria Soliz’s has written out key words from the scriptures in calligraphy. Ms. Yuki’s artwork will help us reflect each week on one of the 7 phrases that will be framed on the large wooden cross in our worship center during Eastertide.

Here they are all together. Each strip is watercolored for the background and then script written. 3"X14" on watercolor paper.

with pen white ink

with Noodler's

with Noodler's ink

with gouache

with watercolor

with ink

ink and Finetec metallic

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