Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter's California Style 8 X 8 auction piece

Attending Letter's California Style is always a good experience.  This year I was invited to do a Serendipity folded bowl demonstration and to participate in an 8" X 8" piece to be auctioned as a fundraiser.
Here is my piece 8" X 8" piece in progress and finished. It sold well at $65.00.

cutting out each letter on Straithmore watercolor with xacto knife

laying a web of gold thread on Canson MiTientes

sewing gold thread to attach top cut piece to webbed back piece
Finished piece from a phrase I wrote last year; Sew a thread of golden words to weft and warp of a paper loom then stitch a yarn to weave a tapestry of your memories.

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