Monday, June 15, 2015

Put It All Together with Susan Longerot

    Friends of Calligraphy's Summer Workshop this year was with Susan Longerot.  What a fabulous time we all had learning surface design techniques, books, containers and lettering.  Here are some photos from the workshop.
Each of us received a unique surface designed folder, made by Susan, with all instruction sheets. Our first prize of the first day.  Each day, twice a day, someone could win something from her box of small surprises too.  I was lucky to be the first winner!

Turkish book box opened with signatures, I decided not to add the decorated surface to the outside box corners.
 Top of the twist box or Turkish book box closed with finished surface design using masking and watercolors with highlights of copper gel pen.
With other Turkish book many different looks and colors.
The finished bronze rod hinged book with bead embellishments.  The papers from our day with the bleach, coloring, doodling and lettering.

Opened pages, each made from our section of our bleached papers....

small accordian book with sample swatches from our projects...

Case made with one of Susan's decorated sheets to house our sampler accordian book.

The five exposed bindings.
Slip cover made to hold the five exposed binding books decorated with our watercolor technique and Susan's paper chips.
The five exposed binding stitches and embellished with our own watercolor surfaces and lots of small chips from Susan's paper chips and beads.
Here are all the bronze hinged books made by the class...we were bejeweled!

A photo of all of our bronze hinged many different colors and many different solutions!

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