Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Name Tags and Carl Rohrs workshop

I always loved the name tags that were given to me at workshops, usually made with care and thought by the makers.  Sometimes they are made by the instructor and sometimes made by a student.  I particularly like the ones that David Brookes makes.

This time I undertook the task for a Carl Rohr's workshop, Brush and Stilleto.  I am also the coordinator for the Friends of Calligraphy for this particular workshop.  He will be teaching the use of the brush in making his wonderful brush lettering and using the knife (stilleto) to cut out letterforms.

I cut out letterforms from black paper and placed them on sample papers from Flax and from old watercolor pieces.  I then put them in name tag holders.

Cut outs before placing on background paper....

unfinished (wait listed) and finished

The line up of class members...each different.

My cut out 'D'...all flat papers from Carl's workshop

Gia cutout with stripped paper backing...
Emma in high definition colors..green cut out on orange!!!
Carl's gift to me for organizing the workshop...wasn't I lucky?

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