Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moving Line of Roman Cursive, a workshop of Massimo Polello

The charming Italian came all the way from Turin to give Friends of Calligraphy a workshop.  I was fortunate in being in this class.  The first papers of a copy of an old Roman cursive writing was given to us.  It looked like gibberish until Massimo lead us through the forms.  After attempts of understanding the form and how it was written, we were challenged to be free to do variations of it and how we could use these forms to create art.  Like a dance, know the basic steps and make your own body movement to the music.  The following photos are of the book I made of my exercises and practice. I think this is a good way to reference what Massimo tried to teach.  I just need a lot more practice...lots more.
Front cover,  all pages are half lengthwise of Canson Mi Tientes. Some were cut down to accommodate W book form and stitched with a simple pamphlet stitch.

The back of the stitched book.  I did not photo all pages...

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