Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cards, cards, cards.....

I created three thank you cards this week. I tried a few things I had never done before.  Here are the results.  All were influenced because it is Valentine's day on Friday.  All were done with love.
Embossed name of Elena, cut out frame for hand cut heart of base card.

Inside of base card sewn with red thread, gold painted heart inside of red cutout square.

The front of the card tied with red string with name of recipient

Untied and opened to accordian alphabet cut in Milton Glazer like Baby Teeth font.  This accordian alphabet was inspired by Takako Tokugawa who had done one with Neuland.  Thank you Takako.

Another shot with card held open with a box of vintage pen nibs. The accordian was heavy vellum paper.
Back of card with cutout red heart from previous card.....

Again an embossed name with cut out and then added a red piece with a heart cut out.

The inside of the card with the saved red heart and U written with a pen.  Additional sentiments below red envelope.

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