Thursday, July 11, 2013


ArtSeed is an organization to inspire and empower the young or underprivileged to realize their full potential and embrace diverse communities through participation in the arts.
Because of my Grandson, I became acquainted with ArtSeed and Josefa Vaughan, the Executive Director.  She requested that I may have something of art related to teach to young people.  I chose to teach them how to make their own pens out of printer's discarded litho plates or empty soft drink cans.  I also brought along sumi ink to try the pens out.  I was fortunate to have a friend, Greg Garcia of On Paper Inc, donate litho plates and lots of good paper.
Josefa Vaughan, executive director going over students plein aire work just before my class and mid morning hot chocolate.

The cola pen or soft drink can pen

The litho pen with written instructions I gave to each student.
The students for today's class.

These were the final finished note cards they made with embossed framing (additional lesson). I gave them an envelope so that they could used it to send or give away.  The pen exercise produced wonderful strokes and I think they were all pleased.

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