Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inspiration from Yukimi Annaud

For five days, 20 participants of Friends of Calligraphy and I learned and were inspired from well know artist and calligrapher, Yukimi Annaud.  We worked very hard and made lots of texts and textures.  I think I went through over 80 pieces of paper. I look forward to doing it again.
Here are a few of my attempts:

practice piece with pencil, black fluid acrylic and white fluid acrylic...

Making our own letters with a parallel attempt.  

An practice piece made with my letters..(red indicates where I would put my chop, if I had one)
Monoline letters to make a texture..just a beginning
From our photos we brought in of things we saw that were interesting textures, my sidewalk photo inspired this folded pen text writing....yes, there is text......puffs of ochre were plants within the cracks of the sidewalk....After I finished did I see the profile of a woman....

With inspiration from a photo of plants, I produced this text with brush and sumi ink. Yes, there is text.
With squares cut from rejected pieces, I glued a book binding string, given to me by Lily Stevenson, between it and other rejected squares, to make this small hanging, each square is 2" x 2".

From a practice sheet of sumi ink and FW acrylic ink with brush, resulted in this triptych.

Also from a practice sheet of brushed gesso, I made this collage piece....The sprinkles of red squares were suggested by Yukimi..I had already put down the thin line of red and knew it needed something else...She solved it!
Yukimi suggested we make a book of all our work and had us make black covers with whatever we wished on the front.  It was held together with clips she provided.  This is mine with marks made with balsa stick and white liquid acrylic.

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