Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Make Your Own Alphabet Book

This last weekend, Friends of Calligraphy invited Julie Wildman of Chicago to show her stuff. The exercises she gave to the class was to make our own alphabet with those exercises and finally making a soft cover book with the 26 letters. To find a form, we scribbled with our dominate and then our non dominate hand. Then we took these strokes and used various tools to make more with them.  Wet walnut ink with added metallic watercolors made amazing colors. Also adding metallic powders to it was also beautiful. When we made our pages for the book we had to decide if the letters could all be of one found form or each different. After making a few different full alphabet letterforms, I chose to do mine all different for each page.

The preliminary scribbles and alphabets

...different strokes for different folks. I didn't quite finish..but here it is;

Had not finished N-O-P........and RSTUVWXYZ.

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