Friday, August 7, 2015

The Passionate Pen International Calligraphy Conference

The fabulous conference took place at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, just an hour north of San Francisco. 489 participants took the campus over. Thirty three instructors taught one and four day classes. Marcia Friedman and Melissa Titone were the directors.  They chose a wonderful group of volunteers to get the job done.  I was the chair for the Goody Bags with Vicky Lee. I couldn't have done the job without Vicky. We were told it was the best Goody bag of all the past conferences.  I took a class from Gemma Black from Tasmania and Jane Dill of Mexico.  I had Jane for the one day class using Amate Mexican papers and Gemma for the four day class on Versals.  I loved them both. Here are a few photos from the week's event.

My room mates.
My 8"X8" Poppy entry donated to auction.
Ewan Clayton, one of my favorite teachers signing his book..coudn't find a table?
Gemma Black with students, Heidi and Jody.
Student work from Gemma's class

More work

and more work

we were prolific!

Jody, me, Larry and Janice all students from Gemma's class.
D O R O T H Y after Tutulus buriel seal
Sumi ink on grey...Gemma told us we would get tired of our phrase by the end of the class but we were to choose only one. This was from the book I wrote for my Grandchildren about reading.
The white ink on grey. I added the last part of the phrase to finish.

My pencil on black paper piece. This was the last finished one I did in the class.

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