Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Calligraphy in Blossom with Marina Soria

 Marina Soria from Buenos Aires, Argentina, through the Society for Calligraphy, came to Pasadena to inspire and pass her expertise in developing letter forms from nature and flowers. Nineteen creative participants and I were lucky to be able to take this three day workshop.  Magic happened for all of us with our brush and pen strokes using sumi ink, walnut ink, and watercolors.  By the third and last day, we all made our garden books with our developed letter forms.  Everyone was successful.

Our first letter 'd' samples, after our initial stroke practice of an ikebana arrangement.

Chris and Janet doing their pieces
Chris Ewen's

part of JanetTakahashi's beautiful efforts

Marina showing Victoria suggestions
Victoria Kibildis

Sabina Bronner and her piece

Stephanie Chao with her piece

Nancy  Kazanjian piece
Jane Kim to finish

Audrey Kincaid's piece

Michelle Cabala's beautiful texture letter forms
Carrie Imai's work in progress...

smiling Debbie Powell and Kristi Darwick

Debbie Powell's piece

Kristi working on her piece

Barbara Close's garden book

Carole Johnson's piece
Wendy Watson-Dietrick

One of Britta Brice's pieces..she made three!
This is Audry Kincaid's piece...

My book with front cover I painted and wrapped with seam binding
back cover umwrapped

my letter forms with my attempt at haiku...gold brittle grasses cracking to the earth, another broom...

opened accordian..with a verse of mine..sew a thread of golden words to weft and warp of a paper loom, spin a yarn and weave a tapestry of collected memories....
Beautiful ladies who got to play with Marina Soria.  Muchas Gracias Marina!

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