Wednesday, July 2, 2014

John Stevens - Two Lines Intersecting (Interacting)

The Summer Workshop of Friends of Calligraphy had the good fortune of having master calligrapher, John Stevens give this years summer workshop at the I House on the UC Berkeley campus.  20 of us were lucky to be in it.  John passed on exercises to study lines created by us with brushes and pens...shapes-letterforms-text blocks.  All of us had varying degrees of self imposed success and failures.  I think everyone learned a lot.  I certainly did.  Not only did John give us this class, he also gave a presentation at the San Francisco Public Library. It was standing room only and was well received. He also gave time to sign his book, Scribes.
Here are a few photos from the workshop that I can post.

A practice piece of John's to test his pointed pen and paint.  The smallest sentence is only 1/16".

My attempts using flat brush and have lines intersecting or interacting...
More attempts.....

White board examples of explanation on forms of text.. but first printing with the influence of Roman Caps.

All eyes front as we went around the room for critics.

Piece I did with John's 2"
The accordian folio done with John's suggestions of using our first 2 line stroke statues...need to finish the text..
Only the one folio that I finished..can be seen this way or upside down...still has balance..illustration to text..

John's example of uneven alignment

Here is another great piece. I can't remember who did it.

Christina Schenk did this lovely folio
Joe Boissy had time to do the intersecting line alphabet...this is his first attempt...good! Bonnie Noehr also made time to do them and was successful, I think.

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