Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This was the  first time for me to attend this conference in Pomona, California.  The Society for Calligraphy puts on this event annually.  It was wonderful.  The selection of teachers, the venue and the camaradarie were perfect.  I took the Randy Hasson class, The Personality of the Letterform.  He was a great teacher and I really learned a lot.

This was the first of the Mongolian letterform I chose.  My first page that was later washed away.

This is the way we dried our pages in our journals made of Nujabi watercolor paper from India.
My study of one of the Mongolian letter forms and it's structure.

My second study of another Mongolian style script.

A mix of the two and using walnut ink, gesso and gel medium.

  There is my name tag on the left and my the final outcome of the above piece.

With canvas board that Randy gave to each of us, this is my piece.

Close-up of the letterforms I developed from the Mongolian Script.  It does say something and you may be able to read it.
I decided to finish the study pages with crackle medium, gesso and gel medium on my forms of walnut and sumi ink.  But it still isn't finished.  I must go back to it someday and finish it....
Randy gave us cotton muslin tote bags to design so that we had something to take all our stuff home in.  My name is written in the Mongolian script style with my own letterforms.  You may be able to see d o r o t h y  y u k i  t s u y a k o. 
I thought it would be a good idea if everyone could do their letterforms they were studying and use it as their signatures on the bags of other student's totes.  This is the back of my bag with my logo of the dot inside a square and the signatures.

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