Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Mom

She has been the most wonderful Mother.  Now she is slowing down with a little Alzheimers and almost 90 years old.  She may not be able to remember everything and do what she did 5 years ago, but she has the most pleasant and positive attitude.  Sometimes she'll remember things that I am surprised she does.
She came to San Francisco to see my new granddaughter and her great granddaughter.  We also took family photos that afternoon but this one was taken in front of my house by Monica Lee.  What a influence Mom has had on all of us in the family, from keeping our minds and bodies active and creative,  and honest to ourselves and those around us.  I have loved her dearly all the 70 years of my life.   She and my Dad helped make my rainbow to my pot of gold...a wonderful life.

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