Monday, November 7, 2011

San Francisco Beaders meetup

My first mesh wire lace necklace....unfinished, need clasp.

I hadn't beaded in a long time and I had a bunch of beads that I had always been interested in putting together.  I had researched beading on the internet after seeing a Martha Stewart show, but never got around to do it.  Last spring I visited with a dear friend, Jeanne Allen, who showed me a wire mesh lace necklace she had purchased.  It was quite beautiful and I thought I would like one.  How serendipitous to have this group showup on the meetup email. (I also go to the Adobe Illustrator one).  I decide to go on a grey Sunday to the wonderful warm home of Alexis Rossi.  Alexis and Rivkah hosts the group.  It was so relaxing beading and gabbing with like souls.  Everyone did a different style with the same wire mesh lace.  It was fun to see the creativity.  I had a great time! This is my first meetup with the San Francisco Beaders group.  What a fun group of ladies.
Rivkah, assistant host, Alexis, and Carie (hard at work)...

Lori and Sandee

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