Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Visigothic Versals...Almost my final piece for Risa's workshop--just changed one thing...R in for and Inspiration.


Letterform Archive -2023. Cut It Out workshop...letters without nibs

Cut It Out workshop...letters without nibs. We learned to look at letters as forms and make letters with squares of black paper...nips and tucks, to be recognized as letterforms. Lots of creativity in the class of 16.

Letters California Style Calligraphy Conference 2023

Set in Pomona College at the Kellogg center, over 120 people attended this wonderful conference. I was asked to teach my Botanical Printing class for the 3.5 days. I had a fantastic group of ladies and here are some of the outcomes.

2023 was another year of trials, tribulations, teaching and creating

It's been a year since I posted. Lots going on and here are some photos from it. My first venture into illuminations. Studied with Risa Gettler.